Vostok Amphibia Replacement Bezels, insert style. VO1060

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The VO1060 bezel fits the Vostok case 090, 100, 110 and 150 ONLY!

If you are in doubt about which case you have, email us!

Please read the technical information below before purchasing this bezel.


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Technical Information:
This bezel is CNC machined from 316L Stainless Steel.

The VO1060 bezel is designed to fit :
the Vostok modern Amphibia Tonneau case(case 090###),
the Vostok modern Amphibia (case 100###), 
the Vostok modern Amphibia (case 110###),
the Vostok Amphibia SE GMT (case 150###),

The VO1060 bezel WILL NOT FIT the Vostok cases 060, 420, 710, and 960!

The bezel will accept a bezel insert from the Seiko SKX007 (not included).

--You will use your original retention wire to install the bezel. There is no ratchet system; these bezels will turn in either direction, just like the original.

--You will provide your own bezel insert. You need an insert that will fit the Seiko SKX007. I do not sell the bezel insert (the printed part). They are available in many colors and styles from Jake Bourdeau, (http://www.dagazwatch.com/) and many other sources.
It is the series of bezel insert that is outside diameter 38mm, inside diameter 31.5mm. That bezel insert fits many Seikos, and many other watches.You will also have to install your bezel insert into your bezel. There are tutorials at Our tutorials page

Examples of a bezel modification to the modern Vostok Amphibia cases. (Vostok watches not included. )

VO1060 on 090 case
VO1060 on Vostok 090 case

VO1060 on 100 case
VO1060 on Vostok 100 case

VO1060 on 110 case
VO1060 on Vostok 110 case

VO1060 on 150 case
VO1060 on Vostok 150 case

VO1050 VO1060
VO1050 (left) compared to VO1060 (right)
There is no crown clearance in the VO1060.

VO1050 VO1060
VO1050 (left) compared to VO1060 (right)
The VO1060 is slightly larger in diameter.


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