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On the first day of July, 1946, Gordon T. Murphy left the bonds of the sweatshops of Rochester, New York to establish what is now known as Murphy Manufacturing Company. He began his business with a ragtag assortment of automatic screw machines, lathes, and various second operation machinery. 
A decade later he changed the name of his company to Murphy Screw Products, and began replacing his equipment with new machinery so he could better meet the needs of his customers. gtmurphy
In 1963, his son, Gordon D. Murphy, joined the company as they continued to grind out the products that their constituency required to fill their daily needs.

In the late sixties the company became involved in producing custom plastic fluid handling devices for companies whose needs could not support the high cost of molding.

In 1970, the company, then nearly a quarter century old, incorporated under the name it bears today. It continued to grow and continuously modified its operations to meet the needs of its customers.

In 1975, Gordon D. Murphy, Sr. purchased the company from his father, who retired at that time. The company continued operating on the same format for many years and, in 1988, was joined by Gordon D.(Dave) Murphy, Jr.
Presently, Dave owns the company. The company continues to upgrade its equipment to align itself with the demands of the modern market.

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